Tour dates

Name Location Date
N8 Graz Austria 2nd of March, 2019
Bootshaus Cologne Germany 8th of March, 2019
Hardkaze Toulon France 9th of March, 2019
BangFace Fest Southport UK 16th of March, 2019
Fant4stik Entrepot Bordeaux France 23rd of March, 2019
Masters of Hardcore Netherlands 30th of March, 2019
Le Milton Baudre France 5th of April, 2019
Garaje music club Murcia Spain 6th of April, 2019
Panoramas Fest Morlaix France 12th of April, 2019
Le Dieze Montepllier France 13th of April, 2019
Deztination Stockholm Sweden 21st of April, 2019
Moontrackers Entrepot Bordeaux France 11th of May, 2019
Titanium Fest Viaven Netherlands 18th of May, 2019
Millesime Fest La Reole France 31st of May, 2019
Hardshock Fest Hellendoorn Netherlands 1st of June, 2019
Intents Festival Oisterwijk Netherlands 1st of June, 2019
Harmony if Hardcore Fest Veghel Netherlands 8th of June, 2019
To be annouced Germany 9th of June, 2019